For me, those lines on stage were simple.  "Ho, Ho, Ho!" 

But it was utterly thrilling to play Santa Claus as a seven year old, and it set my life’s direction in forward motion. 

My first collegiate play, Balm of Gilead, pulled together an early fascination with the piano, the magnetism of a burnished trombone, and the growing allure of live performance.  Growing up just forty five minutes north of Denver, I had the pleasure of going to many metropolitan shows there. 

Since that first performance as Santa, Shakespeare, Rogers and Hammerstein, Arthur Miller, Lanford Wilson, Tom Stoppard, Gilbert and Sullivan, and Jason Robert Brown have challenged me with more complex roles.  Moreover, I have had the great fortune to meet and work with such respected Broadway veterans as Chita Rivera, Jason Robert Brown, General McArthur Hambrick, Fred Mann III, and Leigh Selting. 

Training in classical theatre, ballet and realism firmly placed me in what I now recognize as my element.  I am equally at home singing show tunes, double pirouetting or brandishing a razored rapier, and I strive to make working in New York my reality.  Clearly, theatre pulls it all together and I relish every moment on stage. 

A wise person once said to me, “If you can see yourself doing anything else with your life, do that instead of theatre.”

I have thought about it ... long and hard.

The truth is evident. There is nothing else.  For me ... it is ALL about theatre.  Theatre is my vocation, my passion, and my joy.


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